What We Feed Grows

Where our attention goes, energy follows. If we feed any habit, good or bad, it grows with the feeding. To create culture, we must focus on the things we want. Right now, we have the incredible opportunity to slow down and choose our focus. We can clarify what really matters and shift our attention to make it happen! Are you interested in creating a culture where the people in your life feel honored and understood, valued and appreciated?

This coming Sunday is a scheduled day of focusing honor on one person: our moms. I believe in going all out on Mother’s Day, and here’s why: I believe in creating a culture filled with honor, love, and compassion. I believe we must intentionally foster honor for women as our society often marginalizes or objectifies them. In many households it is the mom who serves the family the most, and yet receives the least amount of thanks. I believe in creating a culture that honors service and responds with gratitude.

What happens when Mother’s Day is no big deal? Everyone loses! Our children don’t learn how to demonstrate honor and respect. A watching community fails to perceive the value of motherhood. And let’s face it, us moms are giving it all we’ve got 24/7 and a genuine expression of love would be like oxygen to our soul!

But let’s get practical, what does going all out look like? This is a day to hit all the love languages. Don’t hold back! Encourage her with words of affirmation in what you say or write. Create quality time together. Make or buy a gift that shows your thoughtfulness toward her. Find a chore that could be done without her having to ask. And hug her! We all long to know that we are loved and appreciated for who we are, not just what we do.

It took me a few years as a mother to realize that I need to communicate in the week leading up to Mother’s Day what I would like to see happen. Moms, set the expectations for your day! No one can read your mind or guess what feels honoring to you. Let your family know ahead of time what makes you feel uniquely loved, appreciated, and honored.

One of the many, many things I love about Jesus is that He provided for His mother at the end of His life. Hanging on the cross, Jesus looked at His mother and committed her care and provision to His closest disciple, John. (See John 19:26-27) Throughout His life on earth, and even while He was dying, Jesus created a culture of honor toward women. Women were the least and last in the society of His time and women continue to be the least in our society. I believe in following Jesus’ example of honor, love, compassion toward all women, but especially the women in our life today. Bless you this week my friend, and may you create a beautiful, honoring culture in your home.